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Marc Jacobs’ NYFW Tribute to Vivienne Westwood

Marc Jacobs’ NYFW Tribute to Vivienne Westwood

Marc Jacobs pays homage to the late Vivienne Westwood in New York Fashion Week. Integrating her famous designer markings, Jacobs celebrates the tremendous impact of Westwood’s designs on fashion history and future.
Vivienne Westwood: The ‘Queen of British Fashion’ and her orb

Vivienne Westwood: The ‘Queen of British Fashion’ and her orb

We take a look at the life and works of the much-loved Dame Vivienne Westwood, from visiting Buckingham Palace commando to telling people not to buy clothes. Who was the Queen of fashion?
The damaging resurgence of Heroin Chic

The damaging resurgence of Heroin Chic

As the Kardashians ditch their BBLs and curves for a ‘skinnier look’, recent changes in body image trends seem to be reverting back to the 2000s love of the slim physique and heroin chic

Still not in space suits: the comeback of millennial fashion

It began subtly with the odd reebok here and choker there. Then, one day we awoke to find ourselves in season 1 of The O.C. turn of the century (1995-2005) fashion is back

Alexander McQueen: the tragic genius

Talia Lee-Skudder pays homage to Alexander McQueen and his most controversial and innovative collections

Vogue 100: A century of style review

Fashion and Beauty Editor Sarah Kilcourse takes a trip to Mosely Street, to explore the Manchester Art Gallery exhibition Vogue 100: A Century of Style

Top 5: Under £5

Struggling to find high end products at high street prices? Head Fashion Editor Kassi Allcock searches the shelves to reveal the ultimate 5 beauty must-haves, all under £5.

High-Fashion Hypocrisy

Sophie Soar takes us through time to investigate models and high-fashion

Dark lipstick: Purple is the new black

Perisha Kudhail gives you a rundown of the best dark lipsticks on the market—the perfect final touch for any Hallowe’en outfit

Craving and Saving: Lipstick dupes

Craving a high end lipstick that is out of your budget? Not to fear – Fleur Stevens is here to transform your craving into a saving, focusing on MAC dupes

Are you fur real?

With faux fur being a star trend this winter, Kathryn Murray asks why people still insist on buying the real thing

Top 5: Timeless Fashion Icons

Mia Krikler reviews her favourite fashion icons

Bambi & Manson – our favourite British designers

Bambi & Manson are making the world a hotter place – one girl at a time. Here Bambi tells you where it all started and why you should be nice to people.

A celebration of British Fashion

Charlie Daniels reflects on what makes British fashion so Great.

Made in Britain

The closing ceremony of the London Olympic Games in 2012 was called a ‘Symphony of British Music’ and showcased the brilliance of British music from every rock, pop and hip hop sensation this tiny island of ours has produced. However there was also a segment dedicated to an equally important and influential aspect of British […]

Top 5 – Biggest Personalities in Fashion

Elizabeth Harper presents you with the top five biggest personalities in the fashion world