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12th November 2014

Top 5: Timeless Fashion Icons

Mia Krikler reviews her favourite fashion icons
Photo: Paramount Pictures

Cher from Clueless

 “Where’s my white collarless shirt from Fred Segal? It’s my most capable-looking outfit!” says the teen queen fashion guru Cher in the ’90s classic ‘Clueless’. The film opens with Cher going through her computer-generated closet. At that moment, we all wanted to be her. Renowned for her yellow tartan Chanel skirt & jacket suit with knee high socks, no one does up upscale prep chic better than Cher.


Photo: moodboard

Kate Moss

Kate Moss is undoubtedly the world’s biggest supermodel and international style icon. Few things in fashion have longevity  but Kate is the anomaly. From photographer Corinne Day’s images of Moss running wild and carefree on sandy beaches to her red carpet style debuts,  it is her chameleon appeal off the runway that has been as pivotal to her success as her unique looks. Designer and friend of Moss’ Marc Jacobs said “You can never make Kate look as good on the runway as she does in real life.”


Photo: fred_baby @Flickr

Audrey Hepburn

 Audrey Hepburn. The classic beauty. Whether prancing around Rome in ‘Roman Holiday’ in Givenchy gowns or looking elegantly shabby in ‘My Fair Lady’, Hepburn is an infinite style icon. For many women, capturing Audrey’s appeal continues to be the pinnacle of timeless grace. Hepburn’s elegance and elfin beauty are synonymous with 20th century Hollywood glamour.  During the making of ‘Sabrina’, Hepburn was introduced to Givenchy and went on to become his muse. Audrey said in regards to Givenchy: “His are the only clothes in which I am myself.”


Photo: United Artists

Annie Hall

 In 1977, Diane Keaten famously played the role of androgynous style icon, Annie Hall. This sparked a revolution of masculine silhouettes. Layering is the key to Hall’s look; versatile white shirts matched with chunky ties and men’s trousers. Hall’s cloaked-on layers of tweed and button up shirts marked the introduction of menswear inspired fashion into the mainstream. Annie Hall is the epitome of playful androgyny and is a look that is still going strong today.


Photo: Topshop

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne is famous for her laid-back attitude and tongue-in-cheek sense of humour. With a quintessentially tomboyish style consisting mainly of beanie hats with comical slogans on, it is Delevingne’s off-duty look which draws the most attention. Delevingne’s androgynous aesthetic has cemented her as a modern day icon; as she easily makes the transition from street style to red carpet. What sets Cara apart from other models is that her style is more about her attitude than anything else.

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