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Top 5 – Biggest Personalities in Fashion

Vivienne Westwood

Undoubtedly a bit bonkers and a self styled reincarnation of Elizabeth I. But her collections are always exciting and she is a passionate eco-warrior. You will find her in an ‘I LOVE CRAP’ T-shirt furiously plugging her environmental manifesto.

Anna Wintour

Legend has it that Meryl Streep based her performance of the terrifying Miranda Priestley in The Devil Wears Prada on Anna. All we know is that as the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue she is a powerful, influential woman with her fingers in a lot of fashion pies. She is not to be messed with.

Anna Wintour:

Tom Ford

A God-send for both men and women. His suave and stylish taste makes him an honourary European. In addition to his incredible talent for design, he’s also a dab hand at directing; Oscar nominated for ‘A Single Man’.

Tom Ford:

Kate Moss

She’s taken cocaine in public, she smoked a cigarette at the Louis Vuitton show on international ‘No Smoking Day’ and took over a village for her wedding reception. Does she care? Nope. Doesn’t make what she did OK but we do have a soft spot for misfit Moss.

Kate Moss:


Marc Jacobs

He is wild and extravagant and has had many a provocative advertising campaign under his name- Victoria Beckham in a bag, himself in the nude, the list goes on. He is a real showman and his work is so covetable and desirable it’s almost sinful.


Marc Jacobs:

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