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What really happened with the fences? University of Manchester releases inquiry findings

//Breaking: What really happened with the fences? University of Manchester releases inquiry findings More

Manchester Creative Writing Society 2015

It’s a new academic year, and Manchester Creative Society is back and as fresh as it has ever been. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get feedback on your work and find people who have similar interests to you. Roma Havers, the chair of this year’s society, explains why this year, Manchester Creative Society society is better than ever:

“This year Manchester Creative Writing Society aims to connect writers together from across the University. Whether you enjoy writing poetry, short stories, novels, plays, screenplays or even just enjoy hearing and reading other people’s work—there will be something this year that will be of interest for you. We run weekly events, from the likes of socials, and workshops where you can share your work, take part in writing challenges and improve your form and style.

“Additionally, we get involved with spoken word events across the city and are running our first Creative Writing Society Spoken Word Event this November. This semester, we are running extra sessions for those wishing to take part in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), an international event where writers attempt to write a 50,000 word novel in a month. These sessions will aim to support those taking part and encourage them to continue.

“This year, we hope to use our connections with other societies to run inter-society events, such as the Drama Society, Filmmaking Society, Ravel and the History Society. We want to get people together in a space where you feel comfortable sharing your writing and continuing to write, feel inspired and supported. If you are interested please join our society on the Students’ Union website, and join our page on Facebook, Manchester Creative Writing Society 2015.”

The society now boasts its own blog which is currently taking submissions.

Please email [email protected] with anything you’d like to be shared on the blog.
You can contact Roma with any queries at [email protected].

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