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I’m a ‘live at home’ student and I’m finding it difficult to integrate myself into the uni life. I often feel left out because even though I get on with people in my lectures, I still seem to miss out on nights out. I am beginning to resent my decision to stay at home even though it saves me a lot of money. How could I connect better with with people at university and get more out of my time here?

Dear Home-boy,

Whilst halls is a unique part of the British university lifestyle, there is a substantial amount more to be enjoyed without having to be situated there. University is the perfect time and place to push yourself outside of your comfort zone, and you living at home does not make you ineligible to do so. There are various clubs, societies, groups and organizations where like-minded people get together; whatever the niche, everyone is catered for. Joining one or more could springboard you to meeting new people and developing new relationships. Furthermore, if you feel you connect with the people on your course; then attend the socials, drive yourself to keep in contact with your associates, and make an effort to see them socially outside of your lectures. You will find that the more you push yourself, the less excluded you will feel, and the more you’ll enjoy university.

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