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Top 5 Best Dressed Male Celebrities

1. Harry Styles

As a self confessed Directioner, my judgement may be slightly biased here, but even so, it can’t be denied that Harry Styles is gaining serious recognition in the fashion industry. His transformation from a Jack Wills-clad boy next door to an edgy, rock and roll style icon has been dramatic.

Now a regular feature in men’s fashion bible GQ, and often pictured on the front row of high profile London Fashion Week shows alongside supermodels and rock royalty, he is a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world. Open silk shirts, velvet blazers, psychedelic and paisley, black ripped skinnies, bandanas, and layered necklaces all formulate the classic Harry Styles look.

kkinphotography @Flickr

Photo: Ikkinphotography @Flickr

2. Dougie Poynter

Another member of an international pop sensation whose look is anything but stereotypically boy band. Dougie’s style, whilst originally rooted in pop-punk infused fashion, is now altogether more old school rock and roll. Think Seventies inspired print shirts worn oversized, paired with a structured blazer or biker style leather jacket, and accessorised with a fedora and a treasure trove of vintage necklaces.

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Photo: [email protected] @Flickr

3. Alex Turner

At the risk of being entirely focused on band members, I just couldn’t leave Alex Turner out of any self-respecting article on best dressed male celebrities. Since the drop of 2013’s ridiculously sexy AM, electric guitar riffs, a hint of R’n’B, and the promise of Alex Turner doing you no good, his style has metamorphosed into a modern take on my favourite era for British and American fashion—a nod to the slick teddy boy subculture of the 50s.

By day, Turner’s signature look is created with a black leather jacket, an open short-sleeved shirt, tailored trousers, and brogues. By night, we’re talking a high fashion tux, a cigarette tie, and enough hair spray to destroy the ozone layer in its entirety.

disneyabc @Flickr

Photo: disneyabc @Flickr

4. Eddie Redmayne

The quintessential English gentleman, Eddie Redmayne’s epitomises everything that I love about British male fashion. His decidedly understated look is all about clean lines. This means classic tailoring paired with a crisp white shirt and brogues (Burberry mac optional). Pair Redmayne’s achingly cool yet uncomplicated British style with his boyishly good looks, and it’s not hard to see why he was voted GQ’s Best Dressed Male for 2015.

super45 @Flickr

Photo: super45 @Flickr

5. Kanye West

One half of international power couple KimYe, and possibly the most talked about personality in the male fashion stratosphere—and often credited with the total style overhaul of Kimmy K—this article wouldn’t be complete without an honourable mention to Kanye West. Kanye’s style is eclectic and capsule, expressing his preference for a select few favourites in his GQ feature, investing in high end jersey basics for the ultimate in sports luxe taking the form of colour block vests and oversized t-shirts juxtaposed with a premium bomber or leather jacket.

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