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Student Parents and Carers Awareness Stall

The Student Parents and Carers Awareness stall will take place outside University Place next Monday, with the aim of improving the welfare of students who care for a family member or child.

To recognise Carers’ Rights Day on the 20th of November, the stall will offer information and a wide range of support that the University of Manchester Students’ Union has on offer for these students.

They are “calling all students who are parents or carers—if you have a caring responsibility your Students’ Union is here to support you.

“Here in Manchester we’re playing our part in raising awareness about carers, their rights and the obstacles they face in seeking higher education.”

An NUS report in 2013 estimated that 3 – 6 per cent of students have caring responsibilities, usually for an older family member with a physical disability or illness, while The Guardian found that students with parental caring responsibilities is even higher at approximately 10%.

Student parents and carers tend to be incredibly hard working yet have a higher drop-out rate for a multitude of reasons, one being lack of community support.

A new Student Parents and Carers group will hold family friendly events and regular lunch meet-ups, promoted through their new Facebook group. “we’re hoping to create a friendlier university experience for students who are parents or carers,” say the organisers.

If you’re a student parent or carer come to our Student Parents and Carers Awareness Stall, outside University Place on Monday the 16th of November, from 11am – 3pm.

For further information on student parents and carers support contact [email protected], and find useful links here and here.

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