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20th November 2015

Academics have really been ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’

International scholars will gather at Brunel University later this month for a conference on the Kardashian family, dubbed the ‘Kimposium’

Universities are often the site for important debate and groundbreaking discussion, covering a range of topics pertaining to current affairs and life’s big questions. So that is precisely why, on the 26th of November, Brunel University will be hosting a conference on the Kardashian family—a ‘Kimposium’.

International scholars will be gathering in London for the all-day event on Brunel’s campus, where attendees can opt to go for the entire day or drop in for particular “sessions” on certain topics.

One of the conference’s organisers justified the conference, saying: “You may love them or hate them, but the Kardashian family must be examined.” Reportedly, the discussion will relate to issues concerning beautification, femininity, image and social media.

The Kardashians’ presence in today’s media is inescapable and their meteoric rise to fame came from their reality TV show Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which is now in its 11th series.

The show came after most famous sister Kim appeared in a sex tape which prompted her rise to fame. Kim recently married controversial singer-songwriter Kanye West, and the couple have named their child North West.

Despite “having no obvious talent,” the sisters appear to have maintained a prolonged period of extreme fame and have a dominant hold on social media platforms. Kim has over 50 million followers on Instagram.

One of the conference leaders claims the interest in the Kardashians on an academic level is their exhibition of the “values and tensions” in modern society. In other words, their popularity stands for what are now perceived as important attributes; vanity, egoism, materialism, etc. with their lack of talent being ostensibly insignificant.

So whether you hate, love or are just intrigued by the family, Brunel University is offering the rare opportunity of nine straight hours of Kardashian-themed, academic conversation for you to get the full story.

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