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Paul Scott

Paul Scott

The “Generation Y” problem

Young adults today are financially worse off than any age group over the last 30 years

Manchester takes in £47m as universities announce record £1.8 billion surplus

The £6,000 hike in tuition fees in 2012 is seen as a key contributor to the vast institutional profits

Private schools give students “two year boost” over comprehensives

A recent study funded by the Independent Schools Trust reveal substantially better achievements among privately educated children at GCSE level examinations

Government criminalises boycotts of Israel

The controversial policy to outlaw boycotts of Israeli goods and services was implemented on 15th February – without parliamentary vote or debate.

Universities look to address medicine degree bias

Lack of medicine students from underprivileged backgrounds is seen as a sign limited support and guidance throughout A-levels and university applications

UK universities sign partnerships with Egyptian institutions

Last week, officials met to finalise a deal creating academic links between UK universities and their Egyptian counterparts currently operating under internationally-condemned authoritarian rule

Newcastle University relaxes zero tolerance policy on drugs

The university has recently made an announcement signalling a shift from its hard-line approach towards banned substances

SU confronts student alcoholism as campus drinking problems rise

Amid growing calls for drinking culture reform and support, the SU is planning a partnership with Alcoholics Anonymous to battle alcoholism in students

American university offers three day “retreat” to discuss “white privilege”

Three day event organised by the University of Vermont for undergraduates who “self-identify as white” to discuss issues of race and “white privilege”

Academics have really been ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’

International scholars will gather at Brunel University later this month for a conference on the Kardashian family, dubbed the ‘Kimposium’

Diwali Festival set to light up Manchester Academy

As part of Global Fest, the Indian Society will host a Diwali Mela, complete with the “wildest” of afterparties

Manchester City Council opens its doors to the homeless

Manchester City Council is putting steps in place as numbers of rough sleepers continues to rise

Bailiffs move in on The Ark

Around a dozen are evicted from ‘The Ark’ homeless refuge as MMU gains legal permission to forcibly remove shelter for second time

Better sex education key to tackling sexual assaults, campaigners say

Campaigners call on government to reform sex education, claiming current system leaves many unprepared

Ex-Dragon’s Den star calls on young people to choose apprenticeships not university

Self-made businessman Theo Paphitis speaks of the strengths of avoiding university and forging your own way

Students in solidarity with staff at risk of redundancy

Students joined staff to protest the universities change to their redeployment policy which has put 250 jobs at risk

International students to feel force of government’s immigration clampdown

“Students, yes. Overstayers, no,” says the Home Secretary, renewing scrutiny on foreign students as tougher immigration rules are outlined in controversial speech