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2nd December 2015

The Art of Sexting

Here’s why you should get down and dirty using only the power of your iPhone

As with a lot of things that involve sexual exploration, there seems to be somewhat of a taboo around sexting—but why should there be? As long as the participants are two consenting adults, then exchanging sexy messages can actually be really rather exhilarating. When done correctly, the best sexts can act as a new spicy injection to your foreplay repertoire and all you really need to pull it off is trust, confidence and a little bit of imagination. To truly get the best out of it however, you probably don’t want to jump straight into exchanging erotica with someone you barely know—especially if they’re a bad Tinder match whose opening line is to ask for a picture of your junk. But when you’ve found someone who makes you feel comfortable, to engage in a cheeky sexting session can allow you to communicate exactly what you want and desire in the bedroom without having to face any awkwardness in saying it out loud.

Lets face it, exchanging sexual messages with your partner isn’t exactly a revolutionary idea—it’s just that back in the day it was done via long-winded letters with far more elaborate vocabulary and plot lines, but that’s not to say sexting isn’t just as good—and a hell of a lot more concise! And for those of you who don’t have an other half, why don’t you utilise your saucy writing skills in other ways? For example, there is a huge online community of erotica writers who are always looking for new stories, and you don’t even have to put your name to them if you’re too shy!

So whether you’re looking to add a bit more excitement to your romance, or are a singleton looking to branch out into more erotic circles, why not give sexting a go? It’s more common—and definitely more rewarding—than you think!

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