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7th December 2015

Have yourself a merry little Christmas!

All the best picks for little Christmas presents from the grotto

There will inevitably come a time during your Christmas preparation when you will have to hunt for that ‘little’ gift. Be it a stocking filler, a dubious Secret Santa mission or a three-quarter-sized gift that requires that little extra ‘something’ to bulk it out. There is something so lovely yet so difficult about the little Christmas present; it’s only ever going to fall into the two categories of being either an amazing idea… or awkwardly wrong. It can be daunting when trying to choose a Secret Santa for the flatmate whom you have met in the kitchen only a handful of times. Or when you draw names from a hat and later share your choice with a mutual friend, who nods knowingly and commiserates that you have selected the hardest person to buy for. The trick is to hit the spot with something alternative, which demonstrates lots of thought, i.e., avoid the supermarket bubble bath or lackadaisical offerings of a biscuit tin.

The elves have some suggestions:

1. Glitter roots paint pot from Etsy, £10.67

Photo: Etsy

2016 is set to be the year when glitter moves off the face and onto hair roots, this will undoubtedly come in handy for the next few Pangaeas or house parties.

2. Ear Cuffs from Urban Outfitters, cheapest £2.45

Photo: Urban Outfitters

Wearing an ear cuff is like stapling cool to your cartilage, rest easy in knowing that your stocking filler will be well received.

3. ASOS suit carrier, £5

Photo: Asos

Ok, so this might be like giving the batteries to a toy without the toy itself, but the important thing is that you are giving them the illusion of a suit. They can play with it by imagining themselves transporting their future suit crease-free; you are gifting them the first ingredients to a metro lifestyle.

4. Urban Outfitters Silver ponytail hair bobble, £6

Photo: Urban Outfitters

If the Secret Santa candidate has long hair and always looks meticulous, then they will revel in glory with this hair accessory. It explains to onlookers that the wearer has their life together.

5. Topshop nail varnish bauble, £5

Photo: Topshop

In colours such as Rage, Ghost and Croupier, you can hang them on the tree for God’s sake, it’s delightful.

6. ASOS Christmas pug trunks, £5

Photo: Asos

Christmas novelty gifts are important. Pugs are important. The man wearing pug boxers will always be important.

7. Topman beanies, £8-£12

Photo: Topman

Giving warm and cosies is like giving your friend a hug, and they will never be rejected or unwanted. Manchester reaches new sad and cold levels in January, and beanies help make it all OK.

8. MAC pro palette refill eyeshadow, £10

Photo: MAC

This is when you will look super ingenious in the eyes of your gift receiver. You managed to own the little present brief and source something every makeup lover will always crave, a MAC product. Well done. Don’t be put off by its tiny size, it will have phenomenal usage, and earns you serious Christmas win points. Cranberry would be the ideal toasty shade pick, and would look great on their lids at the Christmas dinner table.

9. ASOS Father Christmas Beanie, £10

Photo: Asos

Christmas beanies feature twice but have two vastly different audiences; the former, type A Beanie, for the regular person. And this, for all the others: Featuring the lower half of a Santa body, upside down, complete with leg ears. Gift and watch the hilarity ensue.

10. The Little Book of Chanel, by Emma Baxter-Wright, £9.34 at

Photo: Wordery

For the serious fashion friend, a gorgeous monograph of Chanel. They may weep with happiness, and at such a bargain, this will be immensely satisfying.

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