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Photo: Cecilia Wray

MIFTAs 2016: An Evening with the Voices in Annie’s Head preview

‘An Evening with the Voices in Annie’s Head’?

That doesn’t even sound like a play.

It sounds like a TV show!

Maybe it is a TV show?

Maybe the voices in Annie’s head have taken the form of TV presenters?

Well that sounds stupid.

Probably stupid.

It is stupid.

Do you think they’re nice to her?

To Annie?

God I hope not, Annie sounds dull.

Maybe it works because of how talented the actors are?

I’ve heard they are really, really talented actors.

What is this play even about?

Is this supposed to be the synopsis for the play?

Have they actually just written this list of questions instead of bothering to write an actual synopsis?

Is that really pretentious or really lazy?

Really both?

There’s definitely no reason to go and watch this play.

I mean, it’s on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd of March.

You are free at least one of those days.

And it’s at the Council Chambers, that is very close.

And you could take in a pint!

£5. Not too expensive for an evening out.
I think you should go!
I think you should go.
I already said that.
Shut up.

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