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16th February 2016

Post-Valentine’s Blues

Were you feeling a little more blue than usual this Monday?

Valentine’s Day, like life—according to Forrest Gump)—is “like a box of chocolates”. A sweet moment of bliss for some, and a rather bitter experience for others. For those who. Are not hit on the receiving end of Cupid’s arrow, Valentine’s Day activities are likely to have consisted, not of love and kisses, but instead, the feeling of holding in suppressed bile at the sight of PDA or perhaps even irrational tears due to current status of lacking a soul mate.

Undoubtedly, there were many who passed this Sunday sans-lover without a hitch, but for those who are feeling slightly tender in its aftermath, it’s important to know that you were not alone. The question is: how to get out of the post-Valentines slump?

First things first, it’s time to appreciate what you have. Start thinking in a glass half full kind of way. It’s a common fault that gratitude is lacked by many, and we’re so often blinded by what we lack that we no longer see our own fortune. Friends and family are often more permanent than any passing fling.

Next of all, identify what it is that’s causing this feeling. Think of your go-to daydream of yourself and your imaginary other half. What are you doing? Where do you go? Why is that daydream so often your pick of the day? Then consider whether you really need a certain someone for this moment.

Admittedly if it’s some kind of sex fantasy, then you probably do. But otherwise, it’s more than likely that you could convince a friend to make this dream come true. Travelling, adventures or just chilling out and watching a movie are often just as fun with friends as they are with any boyfriend or girlfriend.

Also, it’s time to stop moaning about the single life. If you’re not having fun, then you’re not doing it right. Let’s face it, relationships involve sacrifice—sacrifices that you don’t have to make as a single pringle. Think of all the drama you’re avoiding, all the FOMO you’re not experiencing and all the things that you do for yourself that aren’t taking a back seat.

At the end of the day, being single is in no way a bad thing and it’s certainly not something to shed a tear over (save those for relationship drama). So embrace your freedom wholeheartedly and make singletons everywhere proud to be single.

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