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Q&A: Rødhåd

Where is your favourite venue to DJ? and why?
That’s a hard question. Of course Berghain is great, but so are similar venues like Village Underground in London or Concrete in Paris. But honestly, I also like smaller clubs, especially some in Germany like Distillery in Leipzig, Lehmann Club in Stuttgart, Rakete in Nürnberg, or Arenaclub in Berlin. For me the sound has to be good, and I need to feel the passion of the crowd.

Can you put the Berlin club scene into words for us?
It feels like its getting bigger and bigger, and more international every year. Somehow everyone is wearing black these days!

What is your favourite record?
At the moment, I am a big fan of Drumcell, Dytopian’s latest release!

Do you think people enjoy your music more if they’re on drugs?
I hope not! My goal is always to bring people in contact with electronic music just through the records I play and my mixing skills, so no drugs are needed if I do it right !

Do you think Berlin is the world centre of techno?
I have seen soo [sic] many cities last year, so I can tell you that there are more hot spots for techno music at the moment apart from Berlin, which is a good thing!

Do you prefer dark electronic music or uplifting house music?
It depends on my mood, and the crowd. But these days it definitely seems to be dark techno.

Which other current DJs do you admire the most?
I like a lot of artists at the moment. Musicians like Ben Frost or Porter Ricks, Radiohead, but also heroes like Laurent Garnier or Ben Klock or Antigone. There are so many good artists, I could talk about them for hours!

Where did your dub influences come from?
From my passion to play slow music with a lot of bass!


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