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22nd February 2016

Top 5: Oscar-nominated costumes

Costumes are one of the many details that add to the brilliance of any great film—here are our picks for the five best Oscar-nominated costumes

5) Atonement
This stunning adaptation of Ian McEwan’s tragic love story was nominated for Best Costume Design in 2008, and it is easy to see why from Kiera Knightley’s iconic, flowing emerald dress, an iconic piece of costume designed in our era.


4) Sleepy Hollow
Tim Burton’s go-to costume designer Colleen Atwood has been nominated for Best Costume Design for the Academy Awards countless times due to her distinctive and recognisable style of gothic costume that has inspired and enthralled audiences for generations. Boasting her signature black and white stripes, blood red dresses, and embossments of incredible detail, it is clear to see why Tim Burton works so well with her. Sleepy Hollow stands out particularly for Christina Ricci’s striking black and white gown in a town full of morbid black garments.


3) All About Eve
This lavish film won Best Costume Design in 1951 for its glamorous ball gowns, stylishly flaunted by Hollywood star Bette Davis. A little known actress Marilyn Monroe also makes a cameo appearance. Filmed in black and white, we can’t see their colours, but it is still wholly possible to swoon at the aura of those incredible cocktail dresses.


2) American Hustle
Nominated for Best Costume Design for the 2014 Academy Awards. The luscious, suave seventies costumes for the aptly stylish O. But American Hustle was beaten to the award by The Great Gatsby. Exuding a glittery, sea-green mode of jumpsuits from Amy Adams and pure brown and mauve suits for Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper, the wardrobe for American Hustle really was something else.


1) Room with a View
This period drama starring Helena Bonham-Carter won an Oscar in 1985 from the outstanding designs from London costumiers John Bright and Jenny Beavan. Room with a View was a game changer in theatrical costume design as it distinguished costume from period clothing. Whilst the costumes were made from scratch for purely theatrical purposes, the designs for Room with a View were based on original period patterns, rendering them all the more authentic.

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