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8th March 2016

Students hold first Rusholme SOUP event

A group of UoM students bring the pioneering SOUP format to Manchester, hoping to get local innovations and ideas micro-funded to improve the community

Rusholme SOUP is a crowdfunding project organised by Healthy Me Healthy Communities (HMHC) that hopes to strengthen community ties by engaging the people of Rusholme in working together whilst having fun, and eating supper.

The concept of SOUP came from Detroit, where over £55,000 has been raised to date, from over 95 SOUP events, but a group of University of Manchester students have brought the innovative idea here, with the aim of providing a crowdfunded discussion platform to create local projects.

In association with HMHC, a vibrant social enterprise producing health and well-being services to inspire a healthier lifestyle. The group are holding their first event on Wednesday 9th of March, where four people will pitch their ideas—for projects or inventions to help the local community—to the room. On entry, guests will pay a small donation, receive a meal and, after the pitches have been made, vote.

The votes will decide on a winner, who will receive the crowdfunded money (from donations on the night and business sponsorship) to start their neighbourhood innovation, supporting local people in developing and delivering projects that will make positive changes.

Rusholme SOUP hopes to not only to raise funds and resources for the local community, but also to boost business engagement in the area, improve connections across different demographics in Rusholme, and develop the ownership and understanding of community health and well-being projects.

It’s also a great way to raise money and make connections, both for your community and to local resources that can help you carry out your project. This student-led event hopes to unite the people of Rusholme—of all ages and backgrounds—for the common good. What’s more, you might even win some money to get your next big idea off the ground.

The event will be held on Wednesday 9th of March at Birch Community Centre on Brighton Grove. Doors open at 6.30pm.

For more information, visit, or search ‘Rusholme SOUP Manchester’ on Facebook.

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