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Top 5: Directors DiCaprio should work with next

5) J. J. Abrams

DiCaprio has successfully evaded many pitfalls by avoiding superhero films and generic blockbusters. But there is one director who has proven to be attuned to making films with a golden Hollywood sheen —akin to the days of 80s Spielberg, Abrams has successfully reinvigorated the Star Trek and Star Wars franchises—and whatever project he takes on next, having DiCaprio in the lead could lead to movie magic.


4) Paul Greengrass

There are a lot of great action directors out there (George Miller, Kathryn Bigelow and Michael Mann to name a few). But Greengrass has proven with the Bourne movies, that he is the most skilful at juggling frenetic fight scenes with a gripping thriller heartbeat. DiCaprio proclaimed in his Oscar acceptance speech that we need to take care of our planet. He is the perfect man to save the world on screen.


3) David Fincher

Fincher on paper would be the perfect fit to DiCaprio’s brand of acting. His dark, complex stories such as Se7en and Gone Girl provide a platform for sociopaths and serial killers. DiCaprio has played the villain before with great success in Django Unchained, but that was very much a supporting role. Place DiCaprio front and centre as an unhinged psychopath and the next iconic screen villain could be born.


2) The Coen Brothers

The Coen brothers have worked with everyone—Clooney, Pitt, Damon, so it comes as some surprise that DiCaprio hasn’t joined the party. The Coen Brothers are most effective when telling stories that incorporate their zany brand of humour with a character dealing with real pathos. The Wolf of Wall Street demonstrated DiCaprio’s comedic timing—and with the Coen’s at the helm, DiCaprio could stretch his acting range in ways audiences have yet to see.


1) Paul Thomas Anderson

And if DiCaprio just wants to win another Oscar, he should work with Paul Thomas Anderson.

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