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Students struggle to find library seats on Bank Holiday Monday

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Re-wardrobing your wardrobe

As the first half of second semester draws to a close, the effect of our student loans can no longer be seen in our bank balances, yet the internet is awash with street style looks from fashion week. What’s a fashion lover to do? With all this new inspiration and so little money, full of hope and creativity, we must look to our current wardrobes.

Being stylish is often less about buying the latest pieces and more about creating your own style. However, it is easy to fall into a rut of wearing the same outfits because they are easy and comfortable. So when you are procrastinating, look to your wardrobe for hours of entertainment. You never know what might work unless you try.

The 90s trend is still going strong so this is a good basis tor your re-wardrobing inspiration.  T-shirts layered under cami dresses gives a subtle nod to Cher Horowitz, and also means you can wear the most darling summer dresses in March. Similarly, throw your biggest jumper over the top of a summer dress and play with seasonal style. Layering is essential in the spring because of the changeable weather, and a great way to create new looks.

Chances are, if you see an outfit that you like on Instagram, Pinterest, or from your favourite blogger, when you take the individual items apart you’ll have some of them in your wardrobe. Then work with the pieces you do have to make your own version of said outfit. Sometimes a bit of inspiration can make you appreciate what you’ve already got.

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