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21st April 2016

Pole Fitness at the University of Manchester

Despite only being small, the Pole Fitness Society at UoM has many benefits

During Freshers’ Week at the Society Fair many of us sign up for multiple societies, then go to one session and never return. Everyone has a society they stick to and Pole had me completely addicted! Everyone’s first session is a bit of a struggle as many of us stare blankly at the instructor as she spins graciously round the pole, then we proceed to tangle ourselves and end up in a heap on the floor.

Often us pole dancers can be subject to a lot of prejudice about the sport and many don’t understand or appreciate the skill and dedication required to take pole fitness to a high level. We are often overlooked as a sport and not taken seriously as individuals. To those of you reading this that still think its easy or just about looking sexy in heels then I challenge you to try just one class and you’ll never look at someone on the pole in the same way again. Everyone underestimates the core strength and flexibility Pole requires. Not only is it artistic but it’s a great way to build strength and keep fit and it really works; I came to my first class unable to manage one press up and now I’m amazed at what my body can do. As the weeks progress you can feel your body changing and building strength you never had. Like many sports, with pole, you get out of it what you put in. Progression is made by attending multiple classes and building on your own flexibility! Although it’s more appealing to girls as a society we encourage everyone and anyone who’s interested in the sport to try a class with us. Personally I love going to classes because of the range of moves we work on and the feeling of satisfaction you get when you finally hit that trick you’ve been struggling with.

Our society offers four classes a week for all levels, from beginner to advanced, and all styles of Pole from pole sport which focuses on strength to sexy pole; honouring our stripper roots with a racy high cardio routine class. We also offer regular pole jams which give our members an opportunity to practice moves outside of the studio, and, like most societies, we have socials on a regular basis to give everyone a chance to get to know each other, taking our pole with us whenever we can. A lot of our members love Pole so much they buy their own personal pole for practice at home and we love seeing everyone’s progression photos posted on our page! Our classes are not only fun but you really feel the workout and they’re great for building confidence too. The combination of artistic moves—like spins and strength moves—means there’s something for everyone: dancing types and sporty types.

Because Pole requires skin for grip, the clothing required to wear during classes is smaller than most sports, but come to class and you’ll realise what a necessity it is, this makes it a great sport for body confidence as we create a warm environment where anyone can feel comfortable in their own skin and this is something you can continue after University! As a society, we’re fortunate to have a relationship with a professional pole studio in Manchester with such friendly and experienced teachers who add to the fun and positive vibes of our classes! I’d encourage everyone to give Pole a try if you’re getting bored of the gym or just want to try something new, it’s definitely a conversation starter!


We asked some of our members to give us a line or two on why they loved Pole:

“Something I personally love about pole is that it’s a powerful, sensual and liberating exercise without feeling like a hefty workout! Like a sexy gym!”

“Pole Fitness is a creative way of doing workout, where you improve your strength and flexibility!”

“Pole is an excellent way to get in shape and build your confidence no matter what your size, shape, or level of fitness! And it’s such good fun.”

“Pole makes you feel so good about yourself and helps you build your self confidence.”

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