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Rediscover Radley: Store Launch

So on Friday 1st April I had the wonderful pleasure of attending Radley’s Store Launch in Manchester’s Arndale, and believe me when I say this is not the scottie-dog-minature-handbag Radley of grandma fame. If I’m honest, when making a designer handbag investment prior to this event, I would never have thought of Radley. For me, Radley represented an older, niche market found in decidedly premium, but not especially cool, department stores. These days, the love it-or-hate it scottie dog is very much in the background, save for a few statement pieces (not to completely forget its iconic hey day), and this time the focus is on quality leather bags and accessories that won’t go out of fashion.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself at their new flagship Manchester store which is just a little bit special.

radley 3.

Three reasons to love Radley:

1. Customisation Stations!

radley 2.

It’s all about you! As a Customer Experience store, there is a dedicated customisation station in the store which makes your beaut new Radley bag something quite personal. They have a line of small leather goods which can be monogrammed with your name, your date of birth, or just about anything. As a sucker for a bit of personalisation, I thought this was a really lovely touch and a thoughtful gift idea for your mum, sister, or best friend.

radley megradley bagg

My personalised ‘Meg’ Radley handbag tag

2. A place to dump the boyf whilst you shop!

Radley 1.

There is a dedicated space toward the back of the store for customers to relax and chat to the Radley girls about what they want in their next bag—no rash, impulse buys here! There is a mood board which is changed every season, a stack of those chunky fashion books made for the coffee table for inspiration, and a range of herbal teas and coffees whilst you ponder. Or equally, a place for lost husbands and boyfriends whilst you indulge in the world of handbags and purses.

3. Bags fo’ dayz

Whilst there’s no denying it’s not a cheap fix, it’s not meant to be. It’s an investment that will take you from season to season. Considering the YSL and Céline bags of my dreams retail at around £1,500, Radley is very much affordable luxury and there is definitely something for everyone’s budget and occasion. I went for the Radley Wimbledon (click the image to get yours!) and I’d really recommend this or something similar for those of you thinking of investing in some designer handbag lovin’. This is classic black with gorgeously soft leather, is wearable enough for day-to-day, and smart enough for a job interview (you can read my job interview makeup piece here). I’m not a structured handbag kind of girl so I loved the versatility of this piece, and I like to have the option of a strap, so this detachable crossbody style was perfect.

Radley bag

Shop the Radley handbag range here.

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