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20th September 2016

Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health launches

This academic year marks the inauguration of FBMH, a merger between the previously known Faculty of Life Sciences and Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences
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The Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health was formed in August 2016 by the University of Manchester and will welcome its first first-year undergraduates this month. This restructure has combined the preceding Faculty of Life Sciences, established 2004, and Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences, which was responsible for courses such as medicine, nursing and dentistry.

It now has over 11,000 students, 3,200 staff and can celebrate having £122 million in annual research income. The Faculty also boasts having over 30 undergraduate degrees and approximately 90 postgraduate courses available.

Speaking of the new collaboration, the university has said that “this new, integrated structure enables us to deliver a truly translational approach to the life sciences, ensuring smooth research pathways—from pure discovery science through to clinical application and patient care.”

This novel change to the university structure has also seen the introduction of Professor Ian Greer, previously of the University of Liverpool, as the Vice-President and Dean of FBMH.

President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Manchester, Professor Nancy Rothwell, has said of Greer’s appointment: “He is highly experienced in bringing success to a large and prominent Faculty, has a track record of instituting an environment where everyone can flourish. Importantly he has a strong track record in partnership working between the NHS and universities in the north of England.

“There are currently fantastic opportunities for us to make Manchester one of the world’s most exciting places for health and social care, and for the University to be at the forefront of this.”

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