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20th September 2016

Hello you’ve reached fashion, how may I help?

As the new term begins let us welcome you to the Fashion and Beauty section of The Mancunion and tempt you to enjoy our weekly offerings

Welcome to the Fashion and Beauty section of The Mancunion. I would like to introduce myself—my name is Sarah, I am a final year English student and am the head fashion and beauty editor this year. I will be working with my fellow fashion and beauty editors Soph and Talia.  We are all so excited to continue the fine reputation of the Fashion and Beauty section.

Just a small brag, but last year we were voted best section of The Mancunion! An award we are certain we can hold onto for another year.

Personally, I have been writing for The Mancunion for the past two years and am thrilled to have progressed to the role of editor over the course of that time. To be a member of The Mancunion editorial team is a fantastic opportunity to explore the ins and outs of publishing, learning and honing journalistic skills that should help towards a career—that far off dream that degrees should help us to achieve. I hope to encourage as many fellow students as possible to join our team of contributors. If you fancy sharing your opinion on any number of fashion related ideas, films, events, trends, articles or anything else you can think of we would love to hear from you!

We don’t require any previous experience whatsoever, all we ask for is that you’re eager to be part of our team and can appreciate the joys, trivialities and all round fabulousness that is fashion and beauty. Both industries that are marred with as much controversy as they are glamour.

Fashion is often judged as frivolous, something that requires little intelligence or awareness of the outside world. However, that is an opinion that could not be further from the truth. Tastes in fashion and beauty reflect the society in which they are created; whether its a period of economic recession or an infatuation with a popular TV show (you can thank Mad Men for reintroducing us to our waists in the mid 2000s). We end up wearing the issues of culture—sometimes inadvertently—on our bodies.

Here we are gifted with a double page spread dedicated to exploring this medium of self-expression. Between Soph, Talia, our contributors and myself I hope we can tickle your sartorial taste buds with some truly delightful fashion moments.

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