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Students struggle to find library seats on Bank Holiday Monday

//Breaking: Students struggle to find library seats on Bank Holiday Monday More

Photo: Charlie Spargo

Naked man on Stagecoach bus promotes new app

A fully-grown man clad only in a towel and shaving foam was hired by Stagecoach to promote their new app.

The new app has features that help you find your nearest bus stop using GPS, plan a journey, and get live bus times and tickets on your phone.

Stagecoach were trying to demonstrate how much time you could save in the morning if you downloaded their app, and that you could use the extra time to get ready.

Alongside hiring a naked man to promote their new app, the bus operating company are offering a number of freebies when you download the app, namely mugs and chargers. They also offered the chance to win either a brand new iPhone 7 or get free bus travel for a year by tweeting using their hashtag.

Charlie Spargo, a third year, encountered the semi-naked man on  his way back from the city centre and told The Mancunion, “when I saw him alongside a photographer and video cameraman at Piccadilly Gardens, I almost headed for a different bus but curiosity got the better of me. He was trying to get people to download the app on the bus, but with bus Wi-Fi as it is I told him I’d do it later.

“He was really friendly and making jokes with the other passengers, but as the bus began to fill up the team got off at the Aquatics Centre, presumably to take more photos and shock more students.

“I do wonder how they managed to tie the towel to stay on all day.”

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