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4th October 2016

Top 5: Emmy 2016 Nominated TV Shows

The highly acclaimed shows dominating television, and attracting audiences

1. Mr Robot

In an age where information can be shared in an instance, and the corrupt activities of corporations continue to be ignored; Mr Robot is a thought-provoking thriller, which engages with politics and critiques modern society. Rami Malek won Lead Actor for his role of Elliot Alderson, a paranoid computer whiz, with social anxiety disorder and a troubled past. He is the leader of the hacktivist group “FSociety,” who attempt to take down “EvilCorp.”


2. How To Get Away With Murder

Viola Davis is the criminal defence professor, and lawyer Annalise Keating – the epitome of a powerful, respected, and fearsome leader. A group of her students begin to intern for her law firm, and become entwined in a murder mystery that goes on to change their personal and professional lives. This twisted and compelling drama has one of the most unpredictable narratives. It has further received immense praise for its diversity.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

3. Modern Family

A ‘mockumentary’ style show, which follows the antics of three families. The show consists of a very charismatic ensemble, where each individual character is so likeable, and equal attention is given to them all – something that is so rare to find. The use of direct address also works as a very clever tool to not only give each character their own spotlight, but to bring audiences closer to the family at hand. It is easy going, charming, and full of jokes for everyone.


4. The People v O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story

From the creators of the very popular American Horror Story comes American Crime Story. It is very similar to its counterpart in being an anthology series, which will focus on a new story line and characters each season. The first season follows the murder trial of OJ Simpson, despite knowing the outcome; the show is successful in delivering a suspenseful drama that is so addictive. No doubt viewers will anticipate the release of season 2 which will centre on the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina.


5. Game of Thrones
You can’t mention the Emmy’s without including Game of Thrones. To call it a hit show would be an understatement; having won a total of 38 Emmy awards the show has broken records, and gained an every growing fan base worldwide. For those who still haven’t tuned in yet, the show is an epic fantasy drama that follows rival dynasties who fight for control over the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.


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