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27th October 2016

Channeling the glamour goth – Halloween does not have to be cliché

Beyond cliché costumes there are numerous ideas to spookily dress up whilst keeping it subtle. Tarun Daryanani addresses how?

By the time October hits there seems to be a rush of excitement as to how this years’ Halloween façade shall differ from previous ones. We channel our inner child and play around with makeup and costumes creating a concoction of heavy black eyes and splats of blood as if we have been a victim of Jack the Ripper.

Surely it would be amusing to impersonate Frankenstein or a slutty vampire, but after years of witnessing people show their appreciation for fictional psychopaths, the usual ideas are getting repetitive. Go gothic or go home (keeping it fashion of course).

Alexander Mcqueen and Rick Owens have an exuberant history into bringing Gothicism into the forefront whilst keeping the fashion uber chic. Alexander Mcqueen lusts for lace and possess a signature for dramatic, sheer black gowns resembling a provocative Dracula bride—still eerie but glamorous.

The dark eroticism surrounding the current Mcqueen collections exposes Halloween inspiration—sophisticated and a little mysterious. Thick heavy eye makeup and black lips boosts the image of a grunge woman.

Cross necklaces embodying gothic, Christian culture oozes the extra edge satisfying the needs of the fashion savvy party goer. Jet black Latex and shiny satin fabrics display the uncanny yet mod image of a mysterious, possessed princess.

Rick Owens avoids the commercialism behind his spooky collections. Uneven hems and oversized black hoods layering over flowy black dresses creates a unique aesthetic, one which resembles a streetwear inspired acid witch. The latex high top boots add a grungy sportswear vibe which shows this witch is ahead of the fashion times.

The important statement to make is that Halloween does not mean following the crowd but rather standing out from it. Keeping it sophisticated yet sexy is key in channelling your inner darkness.

Mcqueen and Owens are placed on opposite ends of the fashion spectrum—one desires for gothic romanticism whilst the other channels a modern darkness through streetwear. This week’s important question—which do you choose?

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