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10th November 2016

The luxurious four

Amidst the vast portfolio of designer brands, it is hard to choose just one that possesses sole ideal opulence when buying classic fashion pieces. Tarun Daruanani shares his top four to lust for…

1)    DIOR: The classic Parisian label has undergone constant reinventions since Christian Dior passed. Many creative visionaries have nurtured the label, expanding the brand’s portfolio but retaining key pieces, including the Dior Bar Jacket. The clinched-in waist exudes a sexiness that is subtle and elegant. The versatility of the fine tailored jacket enables it to be a key evening and day piece; the one that empowers the seductive, modern-day, working woman. Another key piece is the Lady Dior bag. The boxy square frame accentuates a certain gracefulness about the woman carrying it. Whilst Dior seemingly conveys the image of Princess Diana turned mod, it does also sustain the level of grace that flows through the DNA of the label.

The brand has evolved throughout the years and constantly transforms its aesthetic. Galliano was a key successor, developing the brand’s vision to include dark, romantic sheer gowns oozing sex appeal with low cleavage cuts and slashed side panels. Micro-short skirts paired with seductive boots reinvented the Dior woman into one who could confidently strut down a Parisian street, inevitably turning all heads. Raf Simons followed this, combining a modern Futurism with the elegant roots of the brand. Most recently Maria Grazia Churi has taken over the creative helm, presenting a refreshed Dior palette; one that channels vulnerability whilst staying true to the brand’s famous aesthetic as set by its founding designer. Therefore despite a constant change in creative direction, Dior’s key pieces are rooted in history and retain craftsmanship of the finest quality that would (hopefully) set the modern fashionista Dior crazy.

Photo: perspexstream @Flickr

2)    VERSACE: Sex Sells. This statement has proven to be true, especially for the modern day seducer and attention grabber. Gowns with slashes to the upper thigh teamed with 6-inch platform sandals place the Versace wearer apart from the crowd. The brand injects a high volume of sultriness that presents the Versace woman as one to be slightly feared but lusted after nonetheless; female empowerment is at the label’s forefront. Italian craftsmanship makes the brand one of the luxury giants, whether it be Swarovski-adorned straps or golden Medusa heads embellishing the buttons of body-hugging blazers. Sexiness is a term most identifiable with Versace and the brand dresses the woman who moves as if she were on a catwalk 24/7. The ubiquitous influence of a Versace-clad individual is all down to the power of each provocative piece.

Photo: vpickering @Flickr

3)    ALEXANDER WANG: People say that the modern day hipster cannot have the edge over everyone else; they are too “basic”. Wrong! Wang can make a youthful fashion rebel grungy whilst keeping her fashion savvy. Fluffy beanies and leather skirts teamed with metallic emblazoned boots epitomises a streetwear-inspired punk, whilst staying true to high fashion conduct. Lambskin leather and cashmere fuse to form dresses and oversized sweaters that place the WANG girl ahead of the fashion times, and mismatched fabrics make for the ultimate statement piece.

Photo: georgp @Flickr

4)    CHANEL: The name immediately springs to mind classics: tweed suits, pearls and the 2.55 bag. Chanel is a juggernaut in the fashion world as a leader of undeniable quality and design. The classic 2.55 bag always whets the fashion hungry appetite, with everyone lusting after it. Made of the softest leather paired with the gold lock makes the Chanel item one of the most coveted. The fact that this bag increases in value with age makes it a necessity. The tweed suits also exemplify the elegance and heritage of the label. It transforms our silhouette from ordinary to chic, providing a visionary woman who would undoubtedly obsess over Sauvignon Blanc and some black truffle at the Ritz.

Photo: banyan_tree @Flickr

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