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15th November 2016

Cottonopolis’ new Gin

‘If I had to suggest taking your significant other out for a night of classy cocktails, and The Font is not what you are looking for, I would recommend Cottonopolis.’

Venturing past the Curry Mile for anything other than a night in Factory or a trip to Fifth may seem unusual for some. But the other week that is exactly what I did. Myself along with my sesh, I mean eating/drinking, partner took a ‘press’ trip (the thought of which made me feel both proud and important) to Cottonopolis’s night of debuting it’s new gin.

My eating companion and I arrived with high hopes and expectations of what we both assumed would be a classy night of laughs, glass clinking and witty conversation. Upon arriving at the steps of Cottonopolis, we were greeted by two bouncers who smiled at us upon entry. As soon as we entered we both realised one thing, we were probably the youngest people there. However, this did not deter us, and, as naturally hungry students we made a beeline for the first piece of free food we saw. On a table at the back of the bar was a lovely Tuna Coriander Pesto Sushi Canapé, lovely and light, with a deliciously sweet after taste.

After revelling for what seemed like an age at the wonder of this fine sushi, we knew we had to push on in search of the very thing we came for. Just as we thought this, a lovely representative from Haig Whisky tapped me on the back offering samples of their new whisky. It had been aged in caskets to release the full extent of its flavour and was much lighter than their original whisky. Pouring it into a glass with coke and a dash of lime, it had both me and my companion wanting more.

As the night went on and DJ Paulette continued with a smooth mash up of funk music and jazz, we decided to take a seat and finally purchase ourselves a cocktail with Cottonopolis’s newly made gin. Before we could do this however we were side tracked, by more delicious sushi canapés. We were first tempted with a Beef Nori Taco, marinated beef on a crunchy shell, which my companion could only describe as ‘beauts’. Next was a Crab and Rice sushi roll, while not quite as nice as the Beef Nori I had just tried, was still a well-made and tasteful piece of sushi. Finally, to finish off was the classic Salmon roll, slightly typical, but always a crowd pleaser.

It was now time for the main course, the whole reason we were there, to try the new Cottonopolis Gin. I went up and ordered two Gimlets, made with Cottonopolis Gin, calamansi lime and mandarin cordial. Maybe it was all the excitement we had built up in our head for being our first press event, maybe it was the highly delicious standard of the sushi we had just previously eaten, but the cocktail was not that great. A little too bitter for our liking, and it seemed the Gin and the cordial were fighting for the stronger taste, but our conclusion was that Cottonopolis’s new Gin was a miss. What is more, for the money we paid for it (certainly not student friendly), we were just a little let down.

Despite all this, the night was wonderful, and we went home feeling all the more pleased that we had this experience. If I had to suggest taking your significant other out for a night of classy cocktails and The Font is not what you are looking for, I would recommend Cottonopolis. Just remember to bring quite a bit of change. Thank you to my lovely friend and eating companion Ingeline for accompanying me, and I will see you on the next one.

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