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15th November 2016

Escaping the concrete jungle

Fed up with Manchester looking so grey? Get some green in your life and discover a park near you, with the help of VoucherCloud’s Manchester Student Guide

Sometimes Manchester can feel and look a bit, well, grey. There are so many buildings, roads, and traffic, that it is difficult to escape to monotony of campus life. It is so easy to get trapped in the ‘Fallowfield bubble’ and not explore the rest of the city: there is a lot more to discover away from Oxford Road!

If you want to see something green that is not on your plate, or if you are missing the green, green, grass of home  — thanks Tom Jones — or just fancy broadening your horizons a little, then look no further than the new Manchester Student Guide, designed by VoucherCloud.

They have put together a load of information for new  — and current — students in Manchester, including places to eat and fun days out. They have also put together a handy list of all of nearby parks and green spaces around Fallowfield and the university campus for you to explore; a park is a great place to exercise to.! Check out their list below and take a look at the guide here:

“Towards Fallowfield and Withington you can find Platt Fields Park which has always been a student favourite.

Whitworth Park off Oxford Road has recently been reunited with the beautiful Whitworth Art Gallery so has been adorned with many important sculptures — a great way to spend an afternoon or a gap between lectures.

The Garden in front of The Lawn Club of Spinningfields is a beautiful and very spruced up canopy where you can chill with outdoor heaters and maybe even grab some nearby street food.

The Vimto Park on the University of Manchester’s Sackville Street campus, easily identified by its own monumental soft drink on display. Read through your notes here at leisure and enjoy a cheeky Vimto perhaps in the very place where it was created back in 1908.

All Saints Park is situated in the middle of the Manchester Metropolitan campus, a nice bit of grass for students and university staff alike to enjoy.

Langworth Park in Salford is worth a visit, just for the view of lovely Chimney Pots due to its raised position. Here you can enjoy floral arrangements, a bowling green and there is a five-a-side football field too.

Peel Park in Salford is another great space for students to relax between lectures. It features sports pitches too alongside a couple of sculptures which play a part in the Irwell Sculpture Trail.”

Happy exploring!

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