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15th November 2016

The ultimate high street brand

Want high end inspired clothes for high street prices? Talia Lee-Skudder reveals the ultimate shopping destination for all of your fashion needs

For those of you who lust after the high-fashion designer aesthetic but do not have the funds nor the patience to camp out over night for the hottest new high-street designer collaboration (Kenzo x H&M we are looking at you), then what’s a girl to do?

H&M are the ultimate high street brand to collaborate with the top designers in the industry, creating lust worthy clothes at a fraction of the price of their high-end counterparts. Who can forget last year’s Balmain army domination, fronted by none other than the hottest models of the moment; Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner.

The hype around the collection was huge with magazines revealing the collection weeks before the launch date and top celebrities wearing the designs in the run up. Fashion lovers everywhere were rejoicing that they could snap up some Balmain pieces on the high street — but then came the launch day. The website crashed and the queues were phenomenal, it was near impossible to get your hands on any item from the collection — unless of course you were willing to pay £400 for a £80 top on eBay. This years launch of Kenzo x H&M was no different. It seems fashion lovers everywhere are so desperate to get their hands on limited edition high street designer collabs.

For many of us the thought of ever owning an item from a H&M designer collaboration seems like a highly unrealistic, unattainable goal. So where does one go when they want to look chic and fashionable for high street prices? Zara, of course.

The ultimate shopping destination for all of your high end inspired fashion needs. This AW season is as fabulous as always and a particular winner for winter coats, from aviator flight jackets to puffa coats and the trusty, timeless camel coat.

This season Zara are also killing it with footwear. Replicas of the blue velvet Aquazzura boots Kourtney Kardashian was seen wearing at a Kanye West concert last month are available at Zara for £69.99. There is also an abundance of Gucci inspired loafers available at variety of prices, leaving you struggling to muster any excuse as to why you should not purchase these bargain beauties.

As if we could possibly need any more reason to love Zara, they also have their TRF range which is filled with items that are even kinder to your bank account. Zara seriously know how to mimic high-end pieces at high street prices, the quality of the clothes is great and feels more like an investment compared to other stores on the high street.

So whilst we are feeling sorry for ourselves that yet another H&M collaboration passed us by without even an accessory to show for it, we can drown our sorrows by trawling Zara’s website for an extra half an hour more than usual.

Maybe next year will be the year that H&M will finally cater for us fashion lovers who do not have the time to queue over night for their next collaboration collection drop, although where is the fun in that?

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