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22nd November 2016

Denim Daze: How to select the ideal pair of jeans

Tarun Darayanani reveals the top denim trends to suit your style

Everyone dreads entering the store with the objective of selecting the “perfect” pair of jeans. It is an investment, you want them to be versatile, durable and fashionable. So what do you go for?

We are all guilty in thinking that skinny, spray on jeans are the ultimate pair, they ooze sex appeal and versatility (especially when covered with rips on knees and the upper thigh).  However, it seems they are not the ideal fit for each body type.When investing in good quality denim, you want to be able to integrate them into your daily wardrobe essentials. Jeans are the most versatile, coveted piece in everyday wear.

1) The spray on skinny. Attention grabbing and a pair that would flaunt your glutes that you have worked so hard on when squatting in the gym. This style is ideal for a slender pair of legs especially teamed with toned, lean calves. Embellished, ripped or dyed, the options are endless. Team this style of jeans with boots that accentuate your legs and inject sex appeal to any outfit.



2)    The flare. Most Recently, Roberto Cavalli and J Brand denim have backtracked to the 70s with their dark washed, flared denim pants. Brands are lusting for past trends and reinventing them to keep them contemporary. If you want to channel a Sonny and Cher Vibe, the flare is not flawed. With boots, this killer piece will exaggerate curves and an hourglass silhouette. Adorned with beads, tassels or the occasional motif, this pair is a reminder of the fashionable past. Grab a pair and make like the Bee Gees and channel the 70s disco vibe.

3)    The boyfriend jean. Scoring highly on the hipster scale, this jean is ideal rolled to the ankles with a loose fit that mimics a loose looking jogging pant. Rips on the light denim are key in exuberating a “got out of bed” look. This pair does not flaunt the silhouette, it is just worn straight and loose. Typically styled low on the waist, this pair is an ideal complement to a pair of slick white of Adidas sneakers.





4)    The straight jean. Some despise the tightness of a skinny jean. For those who appreciate the sexiness of a skinny pair but don’t want the skin tight feel, then the straight jean is the perfect compromise. A form of the skinny jean, it accentuates the lower physique and is an impeccable garment to team with a high top trainer or a classic timberland boot. What makes this jean different to the skinny fit is the looser area that surrounds the crotch and lower waist. Slightly more comfortable to crazily dance in, this pair won’t be a victim to unwanted rips.

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