28th November 2016

Denim doesn’t have to be just for the day

Adorned, embellished, laced up denim jackets are a key accessory to accentuate both the modern and sexy eveningwear attire. Tarun Daryanani investigates the DNA of the newly created FADE DENIM

‘FADE’ denim is a rebellious, creative canvas of washed, hugging denim jackets emblazoned with pop culture emojis and studs that impersonate a die hard rock fan. The birth of the brand arose from the creative minds of a group of third year University of Manchester fashion marketing students. The underlying inspiration? Denim is a hot trend and being able to express its versatility through day and evening wear is a key, unique fashion statement. The creative minds behind the brand are: Marcia Wiggins, Katherine Elizabeth, Nicole Olive, Isabel Pegg and Chelsea Saunt, all of whom exude their ideas and inspiration through a line of denim jackets.

Denim jackets are a piece that can be paired with, and layer, evening body-con dresses, or sheer jumpsuits; why not channel Gigi Hadid or the Kardashians? Stand out of the crowd.

Fusing distressed day wear with glitzy party wear births a powerful creation; one that makes heads turn the minute you strut down the street. The ‘FADE’ denim jackets come in many variations – try channelling vintage Paris Hilton vibes with a white faux fur lining. Others came with shiny studs, tracks of pinned on pockets – channelling your inner rock star has never been more appealing. The hot favourite? A Simple dark blue jacket paired with a significantly large glittery eye on the back, as if you were the member of a new, secret fashion cult; symbolic and powerful. Children’s jackets reflect the same styles as those for the adults; perfect idea for matching parents and their stylish kids.

FADE denim. Photo: The Mancunion

The jackets are so versatile they can channel any look: hipster, mod and even straightforwardly provocative. Priced at £45-50 for adults and £25 for children, this line mixes high quality craftsmanship with affordability.

‘FADE’ denim isn’t afraid of pushing creative boundaries; the existing designs can be customised even further whether the look channels Japanese anime — hello kitty emojis — or the lust for an ice cream cone, an emoji for that too! Showcasing their vision, with a hint of ironic humour, upon a simple garment shows that this brand has a chance to inject individual messages into a denim jacket.

Whether it be freedom, self-expression or even downright fun, ‘FADE’ denim never fears standing out. “The collaborative team effort and the idea of putting our own inspirations and thoughts was truly enjoyable,” says Marcia Wiggins who casually wore the brand’s glitter lip emoji jacket. In the height of the festive season, embellishment and beading is truly fitting! For the fashion forward in your life ‘FADE’ denim makes for the ideal gift.  Creative rebellion is spreading across the youth and there are no boundaries; beaded cuffs and worn rips accentuate the staple wardrobe piece. Scan their Instagram @fadedenim to lust over their uber chic, diverse denim outerwear.

The brands signatures will be sold at the Christmas market at the Manchester Students Union on 13th December.

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