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Students struggle to find library seats on Bank Holiday Monday

//Breaking: Students struggle to find library seats on Bank Holiday Monday More

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Flats for evening wear: yes or no?

Since the Ancient Egyptian era, women have endured the torturous motions of the high heel. But the days of blistered toes, aching feet, and grazed knees seem to be drawing to a close.

An event caused uproar last year when it was reported that some women were banned from entering a Cannes Film Festival event for wearing flats instead of heels, as they were deemed ‘inappropriate’. Although heels give the illusion of longer, more slender legs, thus enhancing our figure, studies show they actually have a negative effect on your body. By pushing your lower back forward they cause the spine and hips to come out of alignment. At the same time, they increase the pressure on the balls of your feet by giving the illusion that you are walking on a ramp.

Victoria Beckham has officially hung up her heels and she was seen taking her final bow at her label’s 2016 show in New York wearing a pair of Adidas trainers. She told the Telegraph ‘I just can’t do heels anymore.’ At Milan Fashion Week’s Autumn/Winter 2016 shows, Giorgio Armani, Missoni and Tods were among some of the designers who sent their models down the catwalk wearing flats. The designers proved that flat shoes with your evening wear don’t mean you have to look boring!

Forget the day-to-day dolly shoe and focus on a shoe with the glamour of a heel but the comfort of a slipper, like the ASOS Lux Chain Detail Ballet Flats. These velvet beauties come with a pointed toe and straps lined with silvers chains that cross elegantly over the arch of your foot, all for £15. They’re perfect for wearing with a long dress or skirt for an evening party. If you’re all for the comfort of a flat but want the added height from your shoe, try a flatform: a clever invention you can wear with almost any evening outfit. These remove the uncomfortable factor of your foot being at an agonising angle but add the height of a heeled shoe — win win!

Flats with your evening wear are an ultimate yes from me: less pain, more comfort, and you can dance all night long!

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