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Alessandro Michele was appointed the creative director of Gucci in January 2015. From the beginning the fashion world became obsessed with Gucci. Alessandro stepped in and he completely reinvented the Italian Super Brand — in a revolutionary way.

The moment the Fall 2015 Collection dropped, the rest was history. Gucci went from a luxury Italian super brand to swiftly becoming the ultimate, recognizable powerhouse that is Gucci. From Alessandro Michele’s use of fabrics, to his individual cuts and distinguishable designs; the regal bows to his use of regal colours within menswear and womenswear collections, he truly delivered as a creative director.

Gucci was miraculously transformed, finding its place within the fashion industry becoming one of the world’s hottest super brands that received the fashion limelight for years to come. Sales sky rocketed, no surprise there.

Alessandro Michele’s later collections were playful. Incorporating symbols, from heavy spring floral prints on silk to detailed embroidery of exotic animals such as snakes, tigers, peacocks and bears. The success of Gucci lies in it being identifiable, the collections were cohesive and the history of the house was presented in a new perspective, yet still respectfully maintained on a contemporary and cool level.

Perhaps other creative directors at luxury super brands should take note that sometimes, the world of fashion requires a new injection of ideas. Especially within the world of cut-throat fashion in order to survive within the heavily crowded marketplace. That an outsider’s perspective is sometimes best. Even if it does involve risk. The daring to be different is what is required.

Admirable and astonishing, regal and rebellious is the new Gucci. Perhaps we should take a note from his books. As he states in an interview for British Vogue with Fashion Editor At Large Hamish Bowles, “I think we need to dream”. In fact, I completely agree. We as a society should creatively dream and attempt to pursue them to reach a level of happiness or even enlightenment — all thanks to a bit of Gucci.

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