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Top 5: Songs to Mourn 2016

1. ‘Oh! You Pretty Things’ by David Bowie

Although ‘Lazarus’ could have been the obvious choice here, this bittersweet anthem has the air of celebratory farewell to it. 2016 heralded the end of Bowie’s lifetime, but not his legacy as an influential and important musician.

2.  ‘False Hope’ by Laura Marling

If you are feeling bitter and mournful, Marling is your perfect companion. Pulsing guitar adds an urgency to this rockier version of her usual folk style, yet she still retains her heart-wrenching lyrical style.

3. ‘Losing Grip’ by Avril Lavigne

Perfect teenage angst from a 16-year-old Avril to transport you back to those days when you felt like the whole world was against you. Sing along to this without a care that it’s 2016 and sk8er rock is no longer acceptable.

4. ‘Clockwatching’ by Stornoway

“Time drags on”, Brian Briggs sings, and 2016 certainly did. This manic brass extravaganza could have been the inside of my brain whilst watching the referendum results rolling in live on TV.

5. ‘Exit Music (For a Film)’ by Radiohead

Featured in an ending scene in the new series of Black Mirror and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since. Sad, powerful and poignant — we’re ending this year lower than we began it, but with plenty to reflect upon for the future.

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