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David Bowie Articles

Let yourself ‘Be Opened By The Wonderful’: We ‘Sit Down’ with James’ Jim Glennie

Let yourself ‘Be Opened By The Wonderful’: We ‘Sit Down’ with James’ Jim Glennie

In conversation with Jim Glennie, the bassist of James, to discuss their brand new Orchestral album and upcoming UK tour.
Where pop meets arthouse: Self Esteem live at Manchester’s Albert Hall

Where pop meets arthouse: Self Esteem live at Manchester’s Albert Hall

Rebecca Lucy Taylor gave David Byrne a run for his money, performing a set that was theatrical and moving in equal parts
Bowie at his best: Moonage Daydream review

Bowie at his best: Moonage Daydream review

Moonage Daydream provides a satisfying account of David Bowie’s otherworldly music and artistic expressions

Top 5: Album closers

All good things must come to an end — it’s our last print issue of the year! Let Joe Casson’s selection of album closers help you to wipe the tears away

Feature: Remembering 2016’s lost LGBTQ+ pop icons

Following February’s LGBT history month, Jack Ashworth looks back over some of the dominant LGBTQ+ pop icons of the late 20th century

Top 5: Album Openers

Some of the best songs ever written have sat proudly at the top of their album’s track listing, after all, the opening track needs to sell the rest of the album to the listener

Album: David Bowie – No Plan EP

William Bain deliver’s The Mancunion’s verdict on the deceased icon’s final recordings: a fond farewell to an exceptional career

Top 5: Songs to Mourn 2016

“2016 is gonna be MY year”, you said on January 1st, and chaos descended thenceforth

Top 5: Songs About Death

With the death of Leonard Cohen, Jack Ashworth shows us the songs that have looked at the passage into ‘that great gig in the sky’ with more nuance

Tracks of the week: 24/10

Bowie’s ghost haunts this week’s crop of new tracks

Top 5: Iconic Beauty Looks

Laura Mills talks you through her top 5 iconic beauty looks from the past couple of thousand years

Top 5: Bowie songs in film

Much of the late legend David Bowie’s music has been used brilliantly in film—here are our picks for the five best times his songs elevated movie scenes to brilliance

Giving everything away: Blackstar revisited

Not long before he died, we reviewed Blackstar in the context of the time. Now the dust has settled on Bowie’s death, his parting gift deserves a new perspective in the context of his passing

Transformer: Bowie the producer

On top of transforming his own career multiple times, David Bowie transformed a few others too

Bowie in Berlin – the albums from behind the Wall

In celebration of David Bowie’s life and career, we look back on his legendary Berlin Trilogy and the city that spawned it

Record Reappraisal: David Bowie – Low

Dedicated to the memory of the gender-transcending and timeless rock star, we reappraise Bowie’s most confessional album, Low

Album: David Bowie – Blackstar

David Bowie doesn’t like looking back down memory lane in heritage rock docs. Instead, he delivers strange, serpentine albums like Blackstar with both eyes set firmly on the future

TV Binge: Life on Mars

Our pick for what to watch this Welcome Week is the Manchester-set 70s crime drama Life on Mars

Bowie professor to live artist’s lifestyle for whole year

From Aladdin Sane to Ziggy Stardust, Will Brooker will spread different personas throughout the year to better understand the 70s artist

Opinion: Under the Radar – Blur, Bowie and Anti-Publicity

Cordelia Milward discusses the music industry’s growing trend for surprise releases and shock returns