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22nd February 2016

Top 5: Iconic Beauty Looks

Laura Mills talks you through her top 5 iconic beauty looks from the past couple of thousand years

1. Cleopatra

Perhaps one of the earliest beauty icons, Cleopatra has remained a classic influence throughout time and has had her looks recreated and portrayed by actresses such as Elizabeth Taylor and Angelina Jolie. It could be argued that she wore one of the most recognisable make up looks ever. Whilst her reign is long over, her iconic peacock blue theatrical shadow combined with heavily applied kohl liner has stood the test of time. She even has a Charlotte Tilbury product named after her.

2. Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn is perhaps one of the most well known beauty icons to date. With her short blonde curls and classic red lip, Marilyn was the emblem of the traditional 50s pin-up look and she epitomised Hollywood glamour. Not only has she had a Charlotte Tilbury product named after her, she’s appeared as the 2015 Face of Max Factor and an ambassador of Chanel No.5 long after her death. Not many have achieved that kind of beauty recognition.

3. Twiggy

The supermodel of the 60s trademarked the mod make up style with her dramatic lashes and iconic liner. Think lashings upon lashings of mascara, fake lashes and drawn on bottom lashes, and you’re almost there. Paired with a blocked out nude lip, a bold brow, and a short pixie haircut, Twiggy embodied the mod movement and it’s easy to see why she was the icon of the decade.

4. David Bowie

Whether he was covered in glitter as Ziggy Stardust, rocking a lightning bolt as Aladdin Sane, slicking back his hair as the Thin White Duke, or working some seriously dramatic liner as the Goblin King in Labyrinth; Bowie’s constant reinvention and varying beauty styles made him a true icon. His reigning presence and influential make up adaptations lasted well throughout the 60s, 70s, and 80s, and he completely threw gender norms out of the window. His sense of style and choice of make up was untamed and unapologetic. He simply did not care, which is why so many loved him so much.

5. Grace Jones

The legendary singer and supermodel symbolised the classic 80s dramatic style of make up. Her staple look was bold, angled blusher, heavily contoured cheeks, striking eyeliner, and a dash of neon eye shadow; whether that be blue, pink, orange, purple, or yellow. Combine this with her androgynous hairstyle and daring fashion choices; Jones was a true beauty icon of the 80s.

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