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28th February 2017

Advice column 1

Head Lifestyle Editor Rachel Adams is here to answer your questions and offer you some advice with your problems

Xavi: “I’m worried about exam results coming out really soon! How do I relax myself?”

If you’re worried about exam results, I’d recommend trying to take your mind off them. I know that’s easier said than done, but at the end of the day, there’s nothing you can do to change them now! Go out with your friends, ring a family member, or just go for a walk. Getting fresh air will help you feel better, and will reduce your anxiety. Hope it all goes well!

Anna: “I struggle a lot with anxiety, what help is available and how do I find it?”

The university has a really good Counselling Service which can help you out if you’re struggling with any kind of mental health issue. I would also recommend talking to someone; a friend, a member of your family, or even your Academic Advisor. One of the worst things for anxiety is to suffer in silence, so make sure you find someone you can talk to. There are loads of online resources available for you as well, like Nightline where you can anonymously talk to someone.

Jake: “I’m worried about not knowing what I want to do after university. Where can I get help and advice with this?”

First of all, it’s perfectly normal to feel worried and scared about not knowing what you want to do after university. Hardly anyone knows, so you’re not alone! If it’s making you worry a lot, then I would suggesting using the Careers Service and read some of the material they have on offer there, or make an appointment with a Careers Advisor who can give you more information and advice. Apart from that, just sitting down and having a think about what you would enjoy as a job might give you an idea of what sector or section of employment you would want to go into.

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