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17th March 2017

Malala Yousafzai wins conditional Oxford PPE offer

The celebrated young humanitarian campaigner Malala Yousafzai has received several offers from British universities

Malala Yousafzai, global girls’ education campaigner has received a conditional offer, of AAA, to study PPE at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford from 2017.

Yousafzai confirmed her plans at the Association of School and College Lecturers annual conference earlier this month: “I have applied to study PPE so for the next three years I will be studying that. But other than that I want to stay focussed on my Malala Fund work.”

Her charity has invested in schools in Lebanon and Jordan refugee camps, who are at risk for early marriage, and enrolled more girls in remote areas in Pakistani secondary schools. It has also invested in an establishment of information technology and life skills for girls in Nairobi’s slums.

Malala rose to prominence writing a blog and giving speeches at her father’s school detailing and campaigning for education under Taliban rule. The New York Times brought her international recognition and unfortunately a murder attempt on the 9th October 2012.

Since then she has campaigned for education and won numerous prestigious awards, including the United Nations Prize in the Field of Human Rights, the Mother Teresa Award and the youngest laureate of the Nobel Peace Prize. Moreover, she has founded a charity, ‘Malala’s Fund’, written a book, and a film has been written about her endeavours.

Malala gained 6A*s and 4A’s in August 2015 in her GCSE’s and sat A-Levels in History, Maths, Religious Studies and Geography at Edgbaston High School in Birmingham.

She went through the rigorous Oxford process and was invited to the college in December for an interview. She remarked afterwards: “It was the hardest interview of my life. I just get scared when I think of the interview.”

Yousafzai had also applied to the London School of Economics (LSE), Durham and Warwick universities. The entry requirement to study PPE at Oxford is three As, making this a favourable destination, whereas the other institutions all require an A* and two As.

On several occasions, she has expressed interest in returning to politics in Pakistan, and specifically as the Prime Minister.

Oxford’s PPE degree has produced heads of states globally, with alumni featuring presidents, politicians and international heads of states including former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan.

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