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An ode to the Megabus

For years I swore by Virgin Trains. It’s comfortable, it’s safe, and it’s easy. However, when the financial times get tough, the train becomes less appealing. You shouldn’t have to book months in advance to get an affordable journey home, and you don’t have to either. It has its ups and downs, but the Megabus is the transportation of the future.

1) There’s free Wi-Fi — and it’s easier to get a plug

Albeit, neither are guaranteed. However, when the free Wi-Fi is working and you’ve snatched the window seat with the plug socket, the rest of the journey will be pure bliss. Unless you’re forking out for first class, you have to pay for Wi-Fi on Virgin Trains. The Megabus truly cares more about your needs.

2) It’s dirt cheap

For the same price as cheesy chips and curry you can get on a coach to London. Not only that, but changing your reservation is miles easier and cheaper than it is with the trains.

3) The Megabus is funny 

At best, you’ll have a normal, calm, and pleasant coach journey. At worst you’ll have some great stories. How many times has somebody changed a baby on your lap without asking on Virgin Trains?

4) You can work on the way

The low price comes with a long journey time, but this is just part of the magic. Five hours to London is more than enough time to sneak some work in. You have more time to be productive, whereas the train is too quick to get some substantial work down.

5) It’s character building

I’m sure that if Lord of The Rings was set in contemporary 2017 England, Frodo and Samwise would have taken the Megabus to Mordor. The reason? It’s an adventure that tests the boundaries of friendship. You have to be patient and calm at times. The skills you learn from the Megabus will be truly applicable to real life situations.

6) It’s an adventure

It’s like a school trip gone wild. People from all walks of life get the Megabus: students, the elderly, people who believe they’re magicians. You never really know what you’re going to get — you may even find love.

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