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17th April 2024

Celebrity Style guide #6: Michael Schumacher

Schumacher: seven World Champion titles, record holder for total fastest laps… and fashion icon?
Celebrity Style guide #6: Michael Schumacher
Collage by Poppy Clayton @The Mancunion via Canva

When you think Schumacher, you probably think: seven-time Formula 1 World Champion, the Ferrari golden years or maybe even father of Mercedes reserve driver Mick. You probably don’t think style icon. At 25, only three years after making his F1 debut with Jordan, Michael Schumacher claimed his first Formula 1 championship in 1994 with Benetton.

F1 was a very different world in the Schumacher era compared to the celebrity-clad, Netflix sensation it has become today nowadays. The paddock is essentially a runway, with Lewis Hamilton currently cemented as the most stylish man on the grid. But, loyal fans know that Schumacher walked… so Hamilton could run.

Oakleys and tracksuits


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♬ original sound – KIMI 🏎️✨🏁

In the Y2K renaissance, tracksuit sets are one of the most popular things to re-emerge. Schumacher was the master of the track set, often pairing them with a pair of Oakley sunglasses and a leather duffel or briefcase. Looks like these can be easily recreated and most of the pieces can be bought second-hand. If you’re looking for Oakleys a la Schumi, try this polished frame sport model.

schumacher oakleys
Credit: Oakley @, £175

As for the track sets, there are lots of vintage Nike tracksuit bottoms you can buy secondhand on Depop like this classic black nylon pair. Nike also still sells similar pairs to the ones Schumacher used to wear like the solo swoosh track pant.

schumacher track pants
Credit: Nike @, £135

The Schumacher cowboy

Love the cowboy aesthetic? Love Formula 1? Well you’re in luck, as many of Schumacher’s iconic outfits incorporated western boots and busy button-ups to make a statement in the paddock.

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♬ Olivia is queen – Colosika

How can you recreate the Schumacher cowboy aesthetic? Simply by either a) routing through your dad’s wardrobe for the floral button-ups your mum won’t let him wear or, b) checking out Vinted, Depop, or Ebay for some 70s and 90s western shirts, such as this 70s shirt on eBay.

schumacher cowboy shirt
Credit: Ebay @, £28

Denim on denim… on denim

Schumi was a lover of denim and particularly loved a double denim moment. Lucky for you, double denim is very in right now, so pair it with some cowboy-style boots and a statement belt to complete the look. There are plenty of statement belts on the market right now to recreate Schumacher’s denim looks, such as this faux leather belt from Asos.

schumacher belt
Credit: Asos @, £12

The classic Levi’s trucker jacket goes with pretty much anything, including a matching pair of 501s.

schumacher jacket
Credit: Levi’s @, £100

Fur coats and leather pants

If you thought the ‘mob wife’ trend was new, think again. At an event with his wife Corrina (who wore a dazzling silver monochrome look by the way), Schumacher sported a black leather coat with fur trim and matching leather trousers. He also paired it with a silk black shirt and cross necklace: it might be the most stylish men’s outfit ever created. And you can recreate it!

schumacher coat
Credit: Asos @, £99.99

Pair this Reclaimed Vintage coat on Asos with some leather trousers, like these from ‘SÉFR’, and you too will feel like a seven-time Formula 1 World Champion.

Credit: Ssense @, £559

In the fast-paced world of Formula 1, Michael Schumacher wasn’t just a legend on the track—he was a style icon off it too. In a sport where speed rules, Schumacher showed that style can be just as important as lap times. So, whether you’re into tracksuits, denim, or upscale threads, there’s a bit of Schumi’s flair for everyone in today’s F1 fashion scene.

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