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27th March 2017

King of the Fallowfield look

Although fashion does have global reach, here in Manchester we seem to have our own style bubble

The University of Manchester has a distinct look. As much as students across the UK discover themselves at university through vintage fashions and leave behind their former high-street self, Manchester seems to take this to new highs. When the train pulls into Piccadilly, the Northern Quarter air must infiltrate the mind and send vintage vibes to the newbies in town.

It’s only fair that in our final issue of the year (sad face) we pay homage to the look that has dominated campus this 2016/17 academic year. So, let’s start at the top and work through the full look…

A mini fisherman’s beanie is the best hat in town right now. Rolled up so that it offers precisely no ear warmth, which to me forces the questions why would you wear a beanie in the first place? Ah, let me answer myself, it is to draw attention to your ears! Yes, I have deduced the reason that the mini fisherman hat has become so cool — ears. There is, however, no colour preference, so choose whatever allows your style to shine through.

Mr Fallowfield has selected his upper body as the best area to display his personality this year, the only real requirement is that whatever you wear must be oversized. Wavy shirts are no longer de rigour, instead, there has been a surprising rise in the number of 18-21 year old blokes wearing fleeces. Or, how about, a piece of vintage sportswear?

Here colour is most definitely appreciated, why hide when you can wear turquoise! Either way denim jackets, shearling and puffa coats have seen the Don Juan’s of Manchester through the winter months. I imagine a few shearlings will linger on into summer as well. There’s always a few stragglers.

Sadly for guys, there aren’t as many mainstream options for the bottom half. Much as I would fully embrace men in skirts this year the boys have stuck to their old faithful: skinny trousers.

The rolled up ankle has gone up a tad this year, preferably so a hint of white sock peeks through. I can’t lie, skinny trousers on men never look particularly comfortable but it’s your pain to suffer.

There has been a slight increase in the number of straight legged trousers in sight, so if I were to make predictions for next year I think those skinny jeans may be taking a back seat.

Trainers absolutely rule the roost of footwear choices. Stan Smiths, Superstars and Gazelles are all incredibly popular choices, providing they’ve got a smattering of mud on them too. Best of all, you can match shoes with your girlfriend.

The Fallowfield look has certainly advanced in my three years here. The windbreakers of yesteryear have been and gone, the edgetables have moved on. If I were to coin a term to describe the look it would be ‘sports loving skateboarder meets practical dad’.

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