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Menswear Articles

Devils wear Prada: A retrospective look at the iconic F/W 2012 menswear collection

Devils wear Prada: A retrospective look at the iconic F/W 2012 menswear collection

With the 2024 fashion calendar now in full swing and the hype of the BAFTA’s still present, we reflect on one of the most cinematic catwalks in fashion history
An ode to the fleece

An ode to the fleece

Fleece season is in full swing and you’re missing out, writes Film Editor Tobias Soar
Fashion Player of The Week: Jonah Hill

Fashion Player of The Week: Jonah Hill

You could say Jonah’s style isn’t superbad, it’s supergood

Men’s fashion beyond the ‘classics’

Isaac Lucia discusses his take on classic menswear

King of the Fallowfield look

Although fashion does have global reach, here in Manchester we seem to have our own style bubble

The rise of menswear

Menswear is an ever-evolving sector of the fashion industry, and in recent years it has truly asserted itself as valid moneymaker

Menswear essentials

Jai Joshi takes you through what essentials should make up every man’s wardrobe in 2016

Optical Opulence: Men’s eyewear and accessories

Find out how to become a true visionary as Kyle Zabawa assists in your search for the flawless frames to fit your face and reveals his harvest of the season’s freshest accessories

Flashion: Rick Owens AW 14/15

Aimée Grant Cumberbatch gets an eyeful of Rick Owens’ AW 14/15 penis peepshow

To beard or not to beard?

Should you join in with the buzz around beards or fight the fuzz and stay clean-shaven? Kathryn Murray helps you decide

Androgynous antithesis

Natalie Thompson takes a look at a genderbending trend

Men’s fashion: the hit list

Laura Springer gives you her top picks for a perfect winter wardrobe

As long as she’s got her suit and tie

Fleur Stevens sings the praises of androgynous style
Gentlemen, this is for you..

Reinvention of the 1920s gentleman

Alice Tofts looks at the impact of the 1920s in current menswear collections