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Volklore: :Völk |foelk|; people. lore 1 |lôr|; knowledge on a subject or held by a particular group, typically passed from person to person by word of mouth.

Every season begins with a design vacation. We pack up our everyday carry and go away some place new, taking in our surroundings as we go, recording all new inspiration with sketch, paint, illustration, photography and collected memorabilia. Our collections start here. Designer Sam Giles, whose printed textile background and natural love for fabrics and production processes developed over 15 years in the industry, give Volklore its unique flavour.

Led by their own interpretation of contemporary fashion, Volklore design around a simple framework: follow the imagination to create then allow the process of design and manufacturing to inform, but not decide the result.

We have a great network of friends, folks we have met on our travels throughout Asia, Europe and the U.S., from Borneo and Bali to Vancouver. These are the folks we party with, laugh with, whose music we dig and whose creative work we believe in. We’re pretty lucky to have them believe in us too, and they have agreed to become contributors to the content area of the Volklore website, the Guild which was created to showcase their talents along side ours.

Volklore is currently selling to,, and Urban Outfitters in the US. In Hong Kong, we sell to the best boutiques in the city, namely Kapok and Konzepp, whose second store in Singapore also carries Volklore. We also sell through our own web shop at With our AW14 collection we are looking forward to expanding via wholesale into the independent menswear market in the UK.



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