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12th November 2014

Men’s fashion: the hit list

Laura Springer gives you her top picks for a perfect winter wardrobe

Wrap up warm but stay cool this winter with our essential menswear picks that will ensure that your wardrobe is prepared for any occasion. Whether you’re aiming for a casual or smart look, you can effortlessly adapt these five pieces and even better, they are extremely affordable and will keep you toasty through the chilly months!

Parka – Topman

First on our hit list is a black heavyweight Parka jacket with a hood. This staple piece is easy to throw on top of any outfit and is guaranteed to keep you warm and dry as it is waterproof, an essential feature when living in Manchester! Extremely durable, the jacket is perfect for getting you to those early morning lectures in the pouring rain whilst looking smart at the same time.


Checked shirt – Topman

Fed up of just wearing the same old tatty t-shirt? Opt for this green tartan shirt to add a touch of class to your look while still keeping it casual. If like many of us you don’t have the time (or patience) to iron, then this heavyweight, practically crease resistant material means this is the shirt for you!


Jumper – River Island

If the ostentatious seasonal/Christmas jumper isn’t your thing then try a more subtle cable knit jumper. These are very easy to wear and keep the heat in! A staple item for winter, they look great alone or with a collared shirt underneath, such as the tartan one above, which is extremely on trend.


Black boots – Topman

A pair of black boots can be worn every day and are a must have for the treacherous journey into uni on those snowy days. The thick rubber sole will provide lots of grip and stop you slipping on the frost, saving your dignity! Pair with black skinny jeans.


Beanie – Topman

Although you may not be a fan of accessories, they’re essential for the Mancunian winter. Beanie hats and scarves are stylish and ward off hypothermia while waiting for the bus.


Scarf – Topman

All of the picks on our hit list are cheap and cheerful and with many winter offers currently running in the high street shops, now is the perfect opportunity to build up your winter wardrobe!

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