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27th April 2017

Finalists announced for Venture Further’s digital catergory

Discover more about the four finalists in the digital category of this year’s Venture Further competition

The finalists for the four prize categories in this year’s Venture Further competition have been announced.

This article looks into the people and ideas behind the four finalists in the digital category. The other shortlists, for the business, social and research categories, have also been announced.

This year’s finals take place on Wednesday the 3rd of May, at Whitworth Hall, University of Manchester.

Venture Further invites students and recent alumni to submit a business proposal to an expert judging panel of enterprise and business professionals.

There are four prize categories to choose from – business, social, digital and research – with the winners receiving a £10,000 cash injection to get their businesses off the ground.

The digital category recognises businesses that apply digital technologies to generate new experiences and innovative business opportunities. This year’s ideas span everything from storage to services, and gamification to dining.

The finalists are:

Spare Space 

Caleb Conner

Designed to help customers save money on storage and businesses generate more revenue, this idea allows local companies to use their spare space for storing bags, bicycles, boxes and much more. Customers will be able to connect easily to businesses through app, finding storage locations that won’t cost them a fortune.


Mubashshar Rahman, Jonathan Tang and Ali Ibrahim

HollaMe is a marketplace and platform for a student services exchange. The team wants students to be able to make money, how they want and when they want through offering up their services, as well as saving money through leveraging the skills of their peers. Student life will never be the same again!

Simple Terms 

Michal Wisniewski and Edmund Moore

Simple Terms aims to re-shape and revolutionise the way recruitment industry works by reducing its complexity, and increasing transparent and efficiency. It leverages the technology of crowdsourcing and gamification to provide companies with highly qualified candidates, quickly and on a cost-effective basis, while benefiting hiring companies and recruitment agencies.


Rishabh Jindal

Otterly brings your favourite eateries into the 21st century. Allowing you to simply walk into an eatery and place your order on your mobile, or have your order ready just in time for your arrival, the app eliminates the need to wait in queues, carry multiple loyalty cards or have to wait to be served.

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