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28th April 2017

Finalists announced for Venture Further’s business catergory

Discover more about the four finalists in the business category of this year’s Venture Further competition

The finalists for the four prize categories in this year’s Venture Further competition have been announced.

This article looks into the people and ideas behind the four finalists in the business category. The other shortlists for the research, digital and social categories have also been announced.

This year’s finals take place on Wednesday the 3rd of May, at Whitworth Hall, University of Manchester.

Venture Further invites students and recent alumni to submit a business proposal to an expert judging panel of enterprise and business professionals.

There are four prize categories to choose from – business, social, digital and research – with the winners receiving a £10,000 cash injection to get their businesses off the ground.

The business category recognises companies that have real commercial potential, through new products or services. This year’s ideas range from data analysis to phone cases, and affordable food to clothing rental.

The entries that made it through to this year’s final four in the business category are below:

Eleanor Trimble, Siddharth Kohli, Mohammed Abdulaal, Meera Dulabh, and Dr Alex Casson

Using biometric data analysis, Neurolytics’ vision is to enhance marketing solutions through insights into consumers’ subconscious behaviours. The team’s goal is to bridge the gap that currently exists between academic research and commercial industry.

Bilal El Sayed and Benedict Vardey

UWispa is an innovative mobile phone case that allows for clear communication when whispering or when speaking even in the noisiest environment. The mission of UWispa is to extend the privacy and communication clarity of your home phone to your mobile phone when out in public.

Wardrobe in the City 
Crystal Bromwell

Wardrobe in the City is the first UK-based company to revolutionise clothing ownership, providing women with unlimited access to new outfits through a clothing-rental subscription service. This offers a commitment-free alternative to buying and storing clothes that quickly become outdated and/or unwanted. Furthermore, it discourages women from fraudulently returning worn goods.

Russell Food Group 
Drs. Amir Khorasani and Mohammad Hajhashem

Russell Food Group’s aim is to bring healthy and locally sourced food at affordable prices to all consumers. To do this, the team plans to harness the power of technology in order to democratise the rural economy, empowering farmers and disrupting existing supply chains, for the benefit of both consumers and stakeholders.

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