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7th August 2017

Manchester sixth most affordable UK city for students

Students in Manchester spend less than the average UK student on rent, household bills and going out, Student Living Index suggests

Manchester is the sixth most affordable city in the UK for students, the 2017 Student Living Index has indicated.

Monthly rent payments, in particular, have been suggested to be comparatively lower than other UK cities. Students in Manchester are estimated to spend an average of £425.92 per month on rent, below the UK monthly student average of £448.00.

The city is also argued to offer some of the best nightlife in the UK. 85 per cent of students believe that Manchester has diverse nightlife, according to Which? University’s Student Survey. Manchester nightclub Hidden was named the Best Small Club in DJ Mag’s 2016 Best of British awards, with Manchester’s Warehouse Project picking up Best Club Series.

Despite this, the Student Living Index suggests that Manchester students spend less per month than the average UK student on going out; £20.30 per month compared to the UK student average of £25.10.

Students also spend less per month on clothes, shoes and accessories; £26.30 per month compared to the UK student average of £27.40.

However, the Student Living Index did suggest that Manchester students spend £41.61 per month on alcohol, slightly above the UK student average of £38.61.

The research involved 3,407 students across 35 UK Universities, and the index calculated affordability by dividing students’ average monthly living and accommodation costs by average monthly income.

Broad factors about student life were analysed in the Student Living Index including student income, spending, budgeting, employment and studying vs. socialising.

According to the Student Living Index, Cardiff is the most affordable student city in the UK, followed by Aberdeen and Durham.

The least affordable student city in the UK for students was indicated to be Glasgow, followed by London and St Andrews.

Despite sometimes having a reputation for spending lots of time partying and going out, students in general spend over three times as many hours on academic studies than they do on socialising, the Student Living Index suggests.

Manchester students are estimated to spend 96 hours per month on their academic studies, above the UK monthly student average of 91.7 hours.

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