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Photo: Alex Whitcomb

Prime Minister receives P45 during speech at Conservative conference

Theresa May was upstaged at her conference address today, as prankster comedian Simon Brodkin (a.k.a. Lee Nelson) stormed the stage.

In the middle of the Prime Minister’s closing conference address, Brodkin approached the lectern and handed her a P45 that he said was from Boris Johnson.

Mr Brodkin was then escorted out by security, in front of a substantial media scrum.

Greater Manchester Police have confirmed that a man has been arrested for a breach of the peace.

Following the interruption, Mrs May was also beset with coughing.

A spokesman for the Prime Minister confirmed there will be a “thorough investigation into what’s happened [with regards to security]”, and that despite the clear issues with her delivery, the Prime Minister is in good health and was pleased with the way the speech went.

The events came as questions over the Prime Minister continue to be asked.

Image: Alex Whitcomb

Media scrum at Conservative Party Conference (Photo: Alex Whitcomb)

The Foreign Secretary has repeatedly been touted as a leadership rival to Mrs May and caused controversy himself on Tuesday night by joking about “dead bodies” in Sirte.

The Prime Minister’s office has since clarified that it was not an appropriate choice of words, but that Mr Johnson’s subsequent explanation should put the issue to an end.

Entitled “Renewing the British Dream”, the Prime Minister’s speech announced that there will be a new cap on energy prices, and an increase in affordable housebuilding worth £2 billion.

She also apologised to activists calling the snap election and losing the Conservatives’ majority.

There were also issues with the “Building A Country That Works For Everyone” sign behind the prime minister, which appeared to be falling off the wall.

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