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Sexpression pub quiz this Friday at Squirrel’s bar

On Friday the 6th of October, student-led charity Sexpression will be hosting a ‘Sexy Pub Quiz‘ at Squirrel’s Bar, Owens Park Campus starting at 19:00.

The aim of the quiz is to engage students in various aspects of sex and relationships without the clinical aspect of a sex-ed lesson. The organisation also hope to raise awareness of Sexpression’s goals as a national charity.

Entry costs £1 and money from the quiz will go towards training volunteers on the 14th of October 2017, with the first prize including one free platter at Nando’s. Co-chair of Sexpression, Rosa Simonet said: “with rounds on music, general knowledge, innuendos and fetishes and kinks, the quiz will make towards a great Friday night.”

Sexpression is a charity that aims to empower young people when it comes to sex and relationships. The committee welcomes all to the event on Friday, to help Sexpression achieve their goals.

Daisy Manning, training officer for the Manchester branch, stated: “Irrespective of personal morals or opinions on sex and relationships, young people being educated and empowered to make their own informed decisions around sex and relationships is extremely powerful in their own personal development. Young people having the knowledge to choose the right contraceptive for them (if any) or what they want or don’t want from a relationship is extremely empowering in solidifying a young person’s autonomy. This is why Sexpression Manchester’s work is so important.”

Engaging with students on campus, the organisation runs free STI testing stalls, provides free contraception and hosts events in the hope of starting conversations about different aspects of sex, relationships and gender identity.

Sex Week officer, Letitia Budu, said: “I love being a part of a society that acknowledges and actively engages with so many different marginalised groups.”

Further, Co-chair Stuart Hall added: “Sexpression has an amazing team, inspired from one year to the next. The team aim to spread some joy by running exciting socials like ‘Sexy Quiz’ and have their own mascot (Miss Penis) who is sure to turn any frown upside down.”

This year Sexpression will be organising several campaigns. Firstly, the charity will campaign for students in Manchester to have access to a ‘c-card’, allowing students to gain free or discounted contraception from their local pharmacy.

Secondly, with the help of academics and sex worker rights activists, Sexpression will campaign for the student union to incorporate a policy to protect student sex workers. According to a survey conducted by the National Student Survey, 35 per cent of respondents said their involvement in sex work is to pay for their university fees.

Any students who would like to get involved in the society can to talk to volunteers at the quiz on Friday, or can email at [email protected]

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