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24th October 2017

3 travel magazines to feed your wander lust

Sophia Macpherson details the most stylish of the independent travel magazines to fawn over

As we approach the last few weeks of October, the cold of winter is imminent and, with that, the desire for a holiday grows feverishly. The idea of skimming through travel magazines whilst stuck in the gusty winds of Manchester could seem a rather sad and depressing thing to do or it could be the perfect way to let your mind wonder.

Either way, the glossy pages of these magazines are definitely a form of escapism. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing but offer voices to people who tell real stories about people and places that are unique. As deadlines approach us, these magazines are the perfect thing to flick through as a study break or before bed.

SUITCASE magazine

Branded as a ‘fashion + culture’ magazine, SUITCASE blends together insider travel knowledge and visually stunning fashion editorials and releases four issues a year. The magazine gives a voice to creatives who have unique stories that can also act as a gateway for other cultures around the world. Issues are focused on different places which have a concurring theme. Their latest issue is named ‘Homelands’ and looks at Peru, Ladakh, Japan, Prague, Santa Monica, Sicily, and Trancoso. Priced at £6.99.

BOAT magazine

The people at BOAT focus each issue on a new city. They uproot themselves and live in these places for weeks on end, in order to fully immerse themselves in the lives of the locals. Content is a mixture of locals’ voices and the outsider perspective, which results in a refreshing take on the city in focus. Their latest issue to buy looks at the Faroe Islands. Priced at £10.

Cereal magazine

One of the most well-known and loved independent travel magazines, Cereal prides itself on its minimalist design. Boasting stunning photography and evocative writing, the magazine does well to take you away from reality and into your imagination. The biannual magazine tailors their issue to a few cities focusing on stories centred around design, art, fashion, and feature interviews. Their latest issue to buy is ‘Cereal Volume 14: Autumn Winter 2017’. Priced at £12.

All prices correct as of the 17th of October 2017.

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